BTSK is a high tech manufacturer of geophysical instrument since 1994 with more than 200 employees in Chongqing BTSK R&D Institute and Shenzhen Langeo business office.
We are devoted to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing geophysical exploration instrument as well as supply satisfying services for clients all over the world. Over decades of association with Chongqing University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Geophysical Team of Yellow River Comittee, and being a member of Chinese Society of Geology, BTSK/LANGEO also has become a primary and leading geophysical prospecting instrument supplier in domestic market as well as well-known by the international market.

We have been active producing state-of-the-art product including:

•   2D/3D Resistivity/IP imaging system

•   Earth Resistivity/IP meter
•   High-power Induced Polarization system
•   Proton Magnetometer
•   Engineering Seismograph
•   Transient Electronic Magnetometer
•   Sonic Instrument
•   Radioactive Instruments

Our customers include government, universities, research institutions, mineral exploration, companies,water drilling companies and environmental and engineering firms around the world. Our system are mainly used for:
•   Subsurface site characterization
•   Groundwater exploration
•   Geothermal resource
•   Cave, void and sinkhole location
•   Depth to bedrock determination
•   Landslide hazard mapping
•   Lithology mapping
•   Mineral exploration
•   Archaeological site investigation
•   City Engineering

BTSK/LANGEO will do the best to meet client’s needs for product and think for clients from their point of view.