WDZ Series Rectifier Source

WDZ-3A/5B/10A/15/20 Rectifier Source could transfer 50Hz of AC generator or industrial power into DC.

Features :

•  Integrated design – it designs a generator, rectifier and balance load in one unit, easy on connection.
•  The LED display show the output DC voltage, output current and input current of 220V AC power.
•  Small size, light – the new design decrease the weight at least 20kg compare with other brand with same power, easy operated for the field work.
•  The good stability ensure a long service time.
•  Flexible option- the power from 3kw to 20kw, which apply for the different requirement of customers.

rectifier source
           WDZ-3A               WDZ-5B                WDZ-10A                  WDZ-15                   WDZ-20           



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Technical specification:

Input voltage 50V, 100V, 200V, 300V, 500V, 700V, 900V, 1200V
Input current 0~4A(WDZ-3A), 0~6A(WDZ-5B), 0~10A(WDZ-10A), 0~15A(WDZ-15), 0~20A(WDZ-20)
Input power 3KW(WDZ-3A), 5KW((WDZ-5B), 10KW(WDZ-10A), 15KW(WDZ-15), 20KW(WDZ-20)
Voltage indicating accuracy ±1% or 3LSB
Current indicating accuracy ±1% or 20LSB
Working temperature -10℃~50℃
storing temperature -20℃~60℃
Dimension 510mm(With the handle)×300mm×335mm(WDZ-3A)
575mm(With the handle)×362mm×350mm(WDZ-5B)
604mm(With the handle)×402mm×370mm(WDZ-10A)
720mm(With the handle)×440mm×440mm(WDZ-15)
720mm(With the handle)×440mm×440mm(WDZ-20)
Weight                                                 35kg(WDZ-3A), 45kg(WDZ-5B), 60kg(WDZ-10A), 95kg(WDZ-15), 107kg(WDZ-20)

PDFZ-5 Balance Load  

Rated voltage 220VAC
Rated power 1000W each file
Dimension 290mm × 210mm × 275 mm
Weight 6 Kg



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