WGMD-60 2D Resistivity Tomography System

WGMD-60 geo-electrical 2D electrical tomography device is the new developed two-dimention electrical resistivity imaging (ERT) system, which integrated electrode switching and 200v transmitting high power in the mainframe. It support max 60 electrode switching.The whole system features light weight and high stability. It widly applys for different resistivity mapping or geopysical surveys as landslide survey, groundwater investigation, enginnering exploration and so on.


•  2D multi-electrode resistivity imaging (max 60 pcs electrode)
•  VES- vertical electrical sounding (resistivity)
•  RP - resistivity profiling
•  SP - self potential


Internal Switcher & Internal High Power:

For traditonal 60 electrode centralized system, it need to work with the external switcher box and external power source. The connection as following:



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WGMD-60 mainframe intergrated the tranmitting power (max 200v) and electrode switcher in one unit, no need external switcher or external power source, which make the field work more easy.The connection as following:


•  Groundwater exploration
•  Geotechnical investigations
•  Engineering geological exploration as factory foundations, highways, bridges, railways, civil engineering, hydrology, engineering, environmental, dam
•  Pollution plumes mapping
•  Geological surveys
•  Mineral prospecting as metal (gold, copper..) and non-metallic resource(coal ..)
•  Archaeology explration
•  Landslides and other geological disaster exploration
•  Detecting of cavities, underwater, borehole and cross-hole measurements


Main features:

•  Advanced Measure Mode
   All electrodes are  measured by rolling profile, moving the electrode  can extend the section  with out limit; support repeat measurement of any point  and  continue the measurement from any point.
•  Unique, auto measure for high quality data
   To set the power time flexibly , and  the instrument can auto monitoring the variation of self-potentiall(SP),  then adjust the start of measurement according to it for the high data quality.
•  Light and  portable 
   Transmitter, receiver, electrode switcher and transmitting power all designed in on unit, which features light weight, small demension, easy operation.
•  Wide power range, high precision
   Wide input voltage range up to 48Vp-p, high measurement accuracy of small-signal which  even applys for the field with high grounding resistance.
•  Electrode Table
   Support to save up to 100 group electrode distance table  before field survey, which improve the  working efficiency.
•  32 bit microcontroller for full English human-machine interface and acquisition control, acquisition parameters setting, data display and storage, a variety of curve visuable.
•  2GB memory  for more than 10 million set of data(including voltage, current, apparent resistivity, spontaneous potential), or about 18,000  multi-electrode phudosection  ( take 552 measurement points for example). The data will not lost when power off suddently.
•  Storage data by U disk  format
   The data could be export throught USB interface; the instrument will be auto recognized as U disk by PC, easy on operation.
•  Anti-interference technology
   Take multi-level filtering technology with signal enhancement technology to ensure the high measuring precision.
•  Automatic self potential, drift and electrode polarization compensation, up to ± 10V.
•  Receiving part with instant  overvoltage protection; transmitting part with protections of over-voltage, over-current, AB open circuit and DC inverse connected.
•  Grounding resistance check
   Support to check  the grounding resistance of AB electrode and MN electrode.
•  Diagnostics can quickly and accurately  confirm the faults of the device
•  Sealed box with the advantage of anti-moisture, anti-dust, long life .

Technical Specifications:

Voltage channel
±24V, ± 5‰ ± 1LSB; 24 bit A/D
Voltage sample resolution
Input impedance
SP compensation
Current channel
3.5A, ±0.5% ± 1LSB, 24 bit A/D
Current sample resolution
Suppression ≥80dB for 50Hz industrial frequency

Max transmitting power 1750W
Max transmitting voltage
Max transmitting current
Transmitting wave +on, off, -on, off ; bipolar

Internal switching
Switching number
60 channels
Max working voltage
Max working current 3ADC

Internal transmitting power ( it is available to connect with external power also)
Transmitting power
50v, 100v, 150v, 200v for option
Transmitting current ≤300mA

Display 160*160 dot matrix LCD
Storage ≥2GB
Mainframe internal power internal 48v lithium battery for at least 8 hours work (refer to field work)
Interface A/B/M/N, DC power input (+/-), charge port, USB
Dimension 485mm * 392mm * 192mm
Weight ≤12.3kg
Working temperature -10°C~+50°C
Storage temperature -20°C~+60°C