WDZD-30 Multi-channel SP Water Detector

This instrument is available to monitor the changes of underground electrical resistivity by measuring the intensity of electrical field, then analysing the position and depths of underground water.

Main features:

•   Support max 30 electrode simultaneously, which works for potential survey as well as gradient surey. The reference electrode could be anyone during the 30pcs electrode or the one connect with "N" interface of the mainframe pannel.
•   Wide voltage range up to 16Vp-p, High measuring precision of small signal.Available to set the stacking and record number, and system will auto measure accroding to the setting to improve the working efficiency with a good result.
•   Under the mode of  Diurnal Variation monitoring, system auto measure and store the self electric daily change curve of M, N electrode, as the reference of the later correction.
•   32bit MCU for acquisition control; all parameter setting, data display and storage, curve drawing all be visuable, easy operation in field survey.
•   Can store more than 5 million sets of data records, including channel no., point no., average value, max value, min value, sample number, starting measuring time and so on.




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Main technicial specifications:

Max electrode:
     30 pcs
Voltage channel:
  ±8V, 24 bit A/D
Voltage sampling
Input impedance
Power frequency interference suppression   better than 80dB (50HZ)
Insulation   ≥500MΩ/500V
Display   160 * 160 dot matrix liquid crystal display
Storage   ≥1GB
Communication   USB
Power   internal 12V9Ah lithum battery
Dimension   270mm * 246mm * 175 mm
Weight   4kg
Working temperature   -10℃~+50℃,95%RH
Storage temperature   -20℃~+60℃