WDZS-3A DC Resistivity Meter for groundwater

WDZS-3A DC 1D Resistivity Sounding Meter is the basic 1D VES device of geo-electrical method, with functions of SP survey and 1D Resistivity sounding. The electrical method for groundwater exploration is the most economic, effective and widely used. WDSZ-3A is a special geo-electrical instrument for electrical underground water prospecting with the most parameters, the most function, and the most advanced performance at the present time.


It is widely applied in ground water exploration, such as bedrock water, crevice water, lava water, and other application. It is also applied in metal and nonmetal mineral resources detection, city geophysical exploration, railway and bridge exploration, hydrologic geology and engineering geology such as searching for ground water, locate base of dam and flood protection levee incipient fault, can still used for geothermal prospecting.


•  Transmitter and Receiver all in one, it is portable and flexible, high accuracy.
•  Adopting the small volume, low power consumption, muti-function, Cut off power automatically if no operation in 10 minutes.
•  Receiver have the ability of instant input over-voltage protection, transmitter have the ability of over-voltage protection, over-current protection, AB open-circuit protection.
•  Multi-parameter, multi mode---- the instrument can display SP, apparent resistivity, apparent polarizability, half-life, attenuation, excitation ratio, deviation, general parameter and so on. At the time of secondary time rate working, the instrument can display secondary time rate parameter and qualitative evaluation parameter.
•  All the parameters along a survey line can be drown to curves, directly and concisely.
•  Touching Panel with Chinese character menu, prompt, convenient.
•  Setting working period arbitrarily, 9 kinds of common field working methods can be chosen, array constant can be inputted and calculated.
•  Array constant table----memorizing 100 different array constant, avoiding repetitive input, input number can invoke polar distance or reset.
•  Ground-resistance inspection----ground condition can be inspected at any time, operation is flexible.
•  Mass data storage----memorizing 3500 survey station data for electrical resistivity and free mode,2500 survey station data for induced polarization, 43680 electrical resistivity data for multi electrode electrical resistivity surveying.
•  All parameter and data are power-cut protected, data can not be lost when closedown or changing battery.
•  RS-232C port can communicate with other computers.
•  Ascertaining fault location and damaged parts accurately by diagnostic program.
•  All sealed constitution----water-proof and dust-proof design, long life and other virtue





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Technical specifications:


Receiving part  
Voltage channel ± 6 V
Survey precision if Vp≥10 mV then ± 5‰ ± 1 LSB, if Vp < 10 mV, then ±1% ± 1 LSB
Input impedance ≥50MΩ
Apparent polarizability precision ±1% ± 1 LSB
SP compensation range ±1 V
Current channel 5 A, survey precision: if IP≥ 10mA then ± 5‰ ± 1 LSB, if IP < 10 mA, then ±1% ± 1 LSB
Suppression ≥80dB for 50Hz industrial frequency

Transmitter part
Maximum voltage 900V
Maximum current 5A( when voltage ≤ 900V )
Pulse width 1~ 60s, duty ratio 1:1

Operating temperature -10℃~50℃, humidity: 95 %RH
Memory temperature -20℃~50℃
Complete appliance current ≤ 55mA
Weight ≤ 7 Kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 310mm * 210mm * 210mm





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