WDCB-1 Rock Electrical Tester

WDCB-1 Rock Electrical Tester desinged with the new detecting method for rock internal structure on the basis of the current scientific experiments. This method is to get the resistance parameter of rock by testing the voltage, current, polarizability and decay curve of the rock samples, which has been a important analysis method for many research department and testing institutes at present.

Main Features:

•   Designed the transmitter and receiver in one unit, portable and light.
•   Be able to measure and store voltage, current, polarizability and decay curvey, then auto calculate the sample rock resistivity parameters according to the sample shape and size which imputted by the operator.
•   Built-in lithium battery, constant current power supply, wide voltage range and high precision.
•   The instrument auto statistical analysis the result and draw the result curve.
•   Large capacity memory - not less than 2GB, which can store more than 1 million sets of measurements (including voltage, current, resistivity, polarizability, decay curve).
•   USB communication.
•   The built-in high capacity lithium battery supports more than 30 hours of continuous work. External 12V battery also be available.




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Technical Specifications:

Voltage channel 24 bit A/D  
Input impedance ≥ 100 MΩ  
Polaribility accuracy ±1% ±1 byte  
Resolution 0.01mA  
Measurement accuracy ±1% ±1 byte               
Sychronization External, auto  
Power frequency interference >80dB  
Sampling method Decay curve  
Communication USB  
Storage 2GB  
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃,95%RH  
Dimension 270mm * 246 mm *123 mm   PDJB-1 Test Stand of Rock Sample
Weight 3.0kg