WGMD-30 Micro Electrode Distance 2D ERI System

WGMD-30 Micropolar distance 2D ERI system designed the control mainframe, the power supply and the electrode switcher in one unit. It features fast measurement with high accuracy, easy operation with tablet PC and light weight. The system is mainly for the rock specimen research, the rock outcrop exploration, the laboratory flume experiment, the non- destructive exploration on cultural Relics Protection research as well as the dam leakage and so on.


•   Portability and flexibility: 
the transmitter, the receiver, the power supply and the electrode switcher are all designed in one unit, small and lightweight. The100V internal transmitting power can conduct the measurements without external power. 

•   Wide measuring range, high precision and high input impedance: 
the  voltage input range is 160Vp-p, the measurement accuracy of the voltage and current small signal is extremely high , and the input impedance is up to100M, which all enable the system to apply for the rock sample research with a high resistance.

•   Table PC operate, powerful function:
all operations as parameters setting, data display, data storage, curve drawing all be finished on the tablet PC, easy and visible for filed data procession with a high working efficiency.

•   Excellent anti-interface performance:
integrated with multistage filtration and signal enhancement technologies and suppression against common mode interference and differential mode interference. Measurement precision is high.





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Technical Specifications:

WGMD-30 Mainframe
Voltage channel ± 80V, ± 0.1%, 24 bit a / D
Input impedance ≥ 100m Ω
Current channel 100mA, ± 0.1%, 24 bit a / D
Suppression for 50Hz industrial frequency interference,more than 80dB
Maximum supply voltage ± 100V (200vp-p)
Maximum power supply current ± 100mA
Switch and built-in power
Number of switching electrodes 30
Insulation ≥ 500m Ω
Power supply voltage 12V, 24V, 48V, 96V
Mainframe interface AB(∞), N(∞), 1~30 electrode socket, charging port and so on
Tablet PC Windows 10 64 bit operating system, memory not less than 2GB, storage capacity not less than 64GB, Bluetooth, USB port.
Power built-in 12V lithium battery, shared with the built-in high-voltage power, and can work continuously for more than 8 hours.
Dimension 270mm × 246mm × 175mm
Weight ≤ 4.5kg
Working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃, 95% RH

Micro electrode distance Cable
Cable 32 cores, outer diameter Φ7mm
Quantity ≤30pcs (up to order)
Length 5m (or up to order)
Connector (take-out) spacing 5m or 10m (or up to order)
Insulation of any two cables ≥500MΩ/500V

 High resistance body in water
Glass rod test by Wenner array


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