DQL-8 Porket Geological Compass

DQL-8 pocket geological compass is mainly used in the measurement of the trend, the tendency, the inclination angle, the fixed position, the measured angle, the fixed level, the vertical angle measurement. Apply for geological survey, coal and nonferrous metal mining, tourism and military colleges and universities teaching and other fields.


This instrument is the use of a magnetic object (i.e. needle) characteristics of a certain direction has specified the magnetic meridian, with ring readings, can determine the direction of the target relative to the magnetic meridian. According to the two selected points (or known points), you can determine the location of another unknown target.

Technical Specifications

Dial 0 degrees -360 degrees,
Outer lattice value  1 degrees; the wheel outer ring dial indicator for slope (45 degrees slope angle of the double tangent value),
Inner lattice value 0.05. The inner ring scale indicates the slope angle of the bidirectional 90 degree, the unit: the degree; the value: 1
magnetic damping time less than 15 seconds.(90 degrees to stay in the magnetic deflection of the original position of the time) 
Three Reading error A. needle before and after rotation indicated is not greater than 0.5 degrees.
B. needle at 0-180 DEG 90-270 DEG, due to the eccentric error caused by not more than 0.5 degrees.
The reading error of the C. angle measuring device is not more than 0.5.
Level sensitivity
A. long level of 15'+ 3'/2mm
B. circle level is 30'+ 5'/2mm
Dimension 80 * 70 * 35 (mm)
weight less than 0.27kg





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