What is the difference between WDDS-2, WDDS-3, WDJD-4, WERT-60/120,WGMD-60, WGMD-9/9B?

BTSK is a specialized in geophysical exploration instrument for tens of years, with a great reputation in domestic market; recent years, it also cut a striking figure in the global market, especially the geo-electrical systems.

Model/ Include Functions Power Feature
 SP   Res VES IP VES 2D Res imaging 2D IP imaging 3D Res imaging

        3500W (1000V * 3.5A)  Portable and easy operation
WDDS-3         3000W (1000V * 3A)  a. Portable and easy operation

 b. Removable battery

 c. Internal max 200V transmitting power (50v, 100v, 150v, 200v for switch)
WDJD-4       6600W(1100V * 6A)  a. Portable and easy operation

 b. Can upgrade to 2D imaging system
WERT-60/120 system mainframe
    1125W(450V*2.5A)  a. Portable and easy operation

 b. High precision and stable
WGMD-60     1750W(500V*3.5A)  a. Internal transmitting voltage up to 200V (50v, 100v, 150v, 200v for option), max current is 3A

 b. Internal electrode switcher (support max 60pcs electrodes)

 c. No need external switching box and external power source
WDA-1       9000W(1500V*6A)  a. Light and portable

 b. Can upgrade to 2D/3D imaging system
WDA-1B       9000W(1500V*6A)  Internal transmitting voltage up to 200V (50V, 100V, 150V, 200V for option); max current is 4A.
WGMD-9 system WDA-1/1B
Intelligent Cable
9000W(1500V*6A, 1D sounding);
4000W(1000V*4A, 2D/3D imaging)

 a. Multi-functional system

 b. Distributed system with intelligent cable, no limit on electrode qty.

 c. Portable and light, mainframe is only 4kg

 d. Support wifi, all operation finished on tablet or PC, easy operation.