What is the difference between WCZ-1, WCZ-1B, WCZ-3 proton magnetometer?

The proton precession units serve an important function for earth science professionals seeking inexpensive solutions for low-sensitivity fieldwork or academic. Major applications include:

• Locating buried ferrous containers (ex. contaminant waste drums) in environmental surveys.

• Locating and tracing buried pipelines in utility-type surveys.

• Locating abandoned wells for decommissioning and sealing.

• Geologic mapping.

• Teaching of geophysical methods.

Other applications, such as mineral exploration surveys, UXO, archaeology and other surveys not listed may be better performed with Overhauser or Optically Pumped Potassium systems.

Our brand with seveal different models for option, the features as following:

Model Battery GPS Weight
WCZ-1 External rechargeable no 2.5kg
WCZ-1B Internal rechargeable no 2.1kg
WCZ-3 Internal rechargeable internal  GPS 1.5kg