WZG-24B Seismic Refraction&Reflection System

Based on WZG-24 engineering seismograph, WZG-24B 24 channels Engineering Seismograph is developed as a 24bit instrument under Chinese/English version WINDOWS operating system. With years of designing and manufacture experiences, and accepting latest electronic technologies and design ideas, WZG-24B features multi-function, high accuracy, high speed, reliable data and good expandability. It applys for different seismic surveys as seismic refraction survey, seismic reflection survey, surface shear wave volcity survey and so on.

Main Function:

•  Wave speed (sheared wave) survey
•  Transient multifold Rayleigh wave prospecting
•  Multi-wave high density seismic imaging
•  Shallow refraction survey
•  Foundation pile inspection
•  Civil engineering quality detection
•  Site constant shake survey
•  Shake-to-blasting survey



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1)  Inspecting building base, roadbed and civil engineering  
  •  Roadbed, roadbed cavern and lava survey
•  Quaternary overburden layer delamination
•  Foundation soil type sorting and hazardous geological body survey
•  Foundation soil medium physical property delamination survey
•  Foundation reinforcement and roadbed backfilling survey
•  Bedrock depth and hidden geological structure prospecting
2)  Engineering inspection  
  •  Tunnel line survey and wall rock classification
•  Concrete lining quality detection
•  Tunnel bottom detection and pilot detection
•  Tremor monitoring
3)  Large-scale and medium-scale water reservoir monitoring  
  •  Dykes and dam incipient fault detection
•  Reservoir silt survey and silt discharging quality inspection
•  On backfilling stone detection of large-scale or medium-scale dam
4) Bridge engineering inspection  
  •  Bridge pier foundation inspection
•  Bridge pier concrete inspection
•  Bridge tremor inspection
5)  Environmental and geologic hazards detection and evaluation  
  •  Landslide, karst, debris flow, mined-out area, active fault detection, etc.  

Main Features:

•  Fast sampling: 24-bit A/D, minimum Sample interval is 10μs for 3 channels and 50μs for 6 channels
•  Perfectly displaying original signals: amplitude and phase are of high consistency, low distortion, with advanced high-cut wave filter which is better than that for 72dB; original signals are presented once again.
•  High-speed data transferring: data collecting device and industrial PC (or notebook PC) are designed with USB, performance are much higher than other printer ports.
•  Background noises are always being monitored; therefore, trigger signals can be received at any time to trigger sampling.
•  Powerful software: under WINDOWS operating system, collecting software supports various working modes, such as sheared wave velocity testing, surface wave testing, micro-tremor detecting, high-density imaging, reflection and shallow refraction survey.
•  This system adopts advanced graphic technology and screen rolls along very fast; maximum 128 channels of wave can be displayed in one screen; waveform amplitude can be balanced conveniently, etc.
•  Flexible configuration, easily extendable: both DOS and WINDOWS are optional.
•  Reasonable structure design, shakeproof, dustproof and waterproof.

Technical Specifications:

Channel number 24
Sample stations 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384
Sample frequency Generally, 10 μs, 25μs, 50μs, 100μs, 200μs, 500μs, 1ms, 2ms, 5ms, 10ms, 20ms;
For micro-tremor survey, 1ms ~ 200ms selectable
A/D converter 24bit
Signal stack and amplification: 32 bit
Dynamic range 140dB
Frequency bandwidth 0.1Hz ~ 4000Hz
Noises 1μV(full-frequency state)
Amplitude consistency ±0.2%
Phase consistency ±0.01ms
Time lapse 0 ~ 9999ms
Data format SEG-2
Working temperature 0℃~ 50℃, 90%RH
Storage temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃


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