WERT-60/120 2D Resitivity Imaging System

The resistivity/IP meter designed the receiver and the transmitter in one unit, which support 1D Resistivity and 1D Induced Polarization VES survey;it features multiple functions, high accuracy, fast speed, high reliability and excellent expandability. Measured data of it can be processed by other multi-electrode resistivity software, which makes the interpretation more convenient. The mainframe working with multi-electrode switcher as WERT-60/120 system, can support 2D resistivity imaging survey also with max 60/120pcs electrodes.


•  2D multi-electrode Resistivity tomography
•  VES - vertical electrical sounding ( resistivity and IP)
•  RP - resistivity and IP profiling
•  SP - self potential

The greatest limitation of the resistivity sounding method is that it does not take into account horizontal changes  in the subsurface resistivity. While the two-dimensional (2-D) electrical imaging method  with the resistivity changes in vertical direction as well as in the horizontal direction along the survey line.

In addtion, in the same time, typical 1-D resistivity sounding surveys usually involue about 10 to 20 readings, which 2-D imaging survey can finish thousand of points with different configuration. So the working efficiency improved heavrily.



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•  Metal and nonmetal mineral resources detection
•  City geophysical exploration, railway and bridge inspection
•  Hydrology and engineering geology as seeking for ground water, inspecting dam base and flood protection levee for incipient faults
•  Geothermal prospecting
•  Landslides and other geological disaster exploration


•   Wenner Alpha •   Wenner Beta •   Wenner Gamma
•   Dipole-dipole •   Schlumberger •   3P-direct
•   3P-reverse •   2P AM •   3P A-MN
•   3P AB-M •   MN-B •   SP-M
•   SP-MN •   Combined profiling ......

Main Features:

•   Transmitting unit and receiving unit are of all-in-one design, portable and lightweight.
•   Super high-power, high anti-interference performance and precision: up to 6600w (1100v×6A) power, 48Vp-p voltage range ensures to get a good result in a area with high resistance.
•   Automatically achieving compensation of self-potential, drift and electrode polarization, up to ±10V.
•   Receiving unit support transient over-voltage protection, transmitting unit supports over-voltage protection, over-current protection and AB open-circuit protection.
•   For general resistivity and IP survey function, 9 types of electrode arrays are available. Electrode distance (namely “Program”) can be inputted or called. Geometric factor K can also be generated automatically or calculated manually.

    For multi-electrode 2D resistivity imaging, up to 18 electrode arrays are available. It could scanning measure according to fixed section (including AMNB, ABMN, AMBN, AMN, MNB, A-MN-B, Sp M, Sp MN, charge M, charge MN) or continuous rolling scanning measure according to variable section (including A-M, A-MN, AB-M, AB-MN, MN-B, A-MN rectangle).
•   Program: the program can memorize 100 groups of electrode distances, avoiding repetitive input. Or you just input a program Id and step to call the corresponding electrode distances.
•   Earth resistance inspection: ground condition can be inspected at any time.
•   Mass data storage: Up to 1GB capacity (extended) enable store 5,000,000 groups measuring data (including current, voltage, SP, Ro, Ms, metal factor, TH, R, J).
•   All parameter and data are under power-failure protection; and thus data will not be lost even thought the system shuts down accidentally.
•   USB port enables it to transfer data to computer.

Flexible Configurations:

Configuraitons Main products Main features
WERT-60 Earth resistivity/IP meter - 1 set
Switching box - 1 set
Resistivity cable, 30 take-outs - 2 pcs
•   Centralized system
•   Max support 60 take-outs

WERT-120 Resistivity/IP meter - 1 set
Switching box - 1 set
Res cable, 30 take-outs - 4 pcs
Extension cable - 2 pcs
•   Centralized system
•   Max support 120 take-outs

WERT-4B Resistivity/IP meter - 1 set
Intelligent Res cable, 10 take-outs
•   Distributed system
•   No limit on electrode qty

•   Easy in operation

Technical  Specificatioms:

Resistivity/IP Meter  

Voltage precision If Vp≥10mV, ± 5‰ ± 1LSB; if Vp< 10mV, ±1% ± 1LSB.
Input impedance ≥50MΩ
Apparent polarizability precision ±1% ± 1LSB
SP compensation range ±10V
Current channel 6 A, ±0.4% ± 1LSB, 24 bit A/D
Current precision If Ip≥ 10mA, ± 5‰ ± 1 LSB; if Ip< 10 mA, ±1% ± 1 LSB.
Suppression ≥80dB for 50Hz industrial frequency (common mode interference or differential mode interference)

Max transmitting power:
6600W (for general Res/IP sounding);
1125W (for WERT-60/120, limited by switcher box);
2400W (for WERT-4B, limited by intelligent Res cable).
Max voltage ±1100V(for general Res/IP sounding);
± 450V (for WERT-60/120, limited by switcher box);
± 800V (for WERT-4B, limited by intelligent Res cable).

Max current
± 6A (for general Res/IP sounding);
± 2.5A  (for WERT-60/120, limited by switcher box);
± 3A (for WERT-4B, limited by intelligent Res cable).
Pulse width 1~60s, duty ratio 1:1

Display 160 * 160 dot matrix LCD
Working temperature
-10℃~+50℃, 95 %RH
Storage temperature
Instrument power
internal 12V 9Ah rechargeable battery , lasts for 30 hours (or 12V external power supply)
≤ 4.4 Kg
Dimension (L×W×H) 270mm * 246mm * 175mm

Multi-electrode Switcher
Max electrode connected
60 and 120 (for option)
Insulation impedance ≥500MΩ
Max working voltage 500VDC
Max working current 2.5ADC
Power supply Internal 7.4V 4AH rechargeable lithium battery, for continuously 25 hours
Working temperature -10°C~+50°C
Weight 5.8Kg (for WERT-60)
9.2Kg (for WERT-120)
Dimension 340mm * 295mm * 152mm (for WERT-60)
470mm * 357mm * 176mm (for WERT-120)

Res cable
Electrode qty 30 pcs
Electrode space 5m/10m

Intelligent Res cable
Electrode qty 10 pcs
Electrode space 5m/10m
Max working voltage 800V
Max working current 3A

Relative Accessories:

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