WDDS-2/3 Geophysical Resistivity Sounding Meter

WDDS-2/3 digital D.C. resistivity sounding meter is a new generation of DC electrical resistivity equipment which is based on a series of advanced electrical equipment for one dimension resistivity sounding survey, and adopts 32-bit microcontroller technology and 24-bit A / D technology development.

Power: 3500W, 1000V(2000Vp-p),3.5A (over-current protection)
Function: SP survey, 1D VES(vertical electrical resistivity soudning)


•  Self-potential survey
•  Resistivity sounding (1D VES)


•  Metal and nonmetal mineral resources detection
•  City geophysical exploration, railway and bridge inspection and so on
•  Hydrology and engineering geology as seeking for ground water, inspecting dam base and flood protection levee for incipient faults
•  Geothermal prospecting




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•  32-bit microcontroller technology and 24-bit A / D technology
•  Up to 3500W of power supply, 48Vp-p voltage range
•  USB port enables the instrument to communicate with other computers.
•  Auto compensation of self-potential, drift and electrode polarization
•  Receiver supports transient over-voltage protection for input voltage; transmitter supports over-voltage protection, over-current protection and AB open-circuit protection.
•  Built-in 12V lithum battery( also support external 12v battery) for 20 hours continously work.
•  Able to store measuring data for more than 150,000 times, including voltage, current, resistivity, relative error, SP, array constant, measuring point and so on. 

Technical Specifications:
Max transmitting power 3500W
Maximum voltage ± 1000V(2000Vp-p)
Maximum current ±3.5A (over-current protection)
Power supply waveform duty cycle is 1:1, bipolar

Input impedance ≥50MΩ
Input voltage range ± 24V, ± 0.5%± 1LSB, 24 bit A/D
Delay time 0.1 ~ 5s (programmable)
SP compensation range ± 10V
Max current sampling  resolution 0.02μA
Suppression 80dB for 50Hz or 60Hz (industrial frequency interference)
Current measurement 3.5A, ± 0.5%± 1LSB, 24 bit A/D

LCD display 160 * 160 dot matrix LCD
Storage ≥1GB
Working temperature -10°C~+50°C (Environmental), 95 %RH
Storage temperature -20°C~+60°C (Environmental)
Power supply built-in 12V lithium battery(or external 12V power supply),more than 20 hours of continuous work
Internal transmitting  power  (only WDDS-3) Max current is 300mA,
Max voltage is 200V
Weight ≤4.2Kg(WDDS-2);
Dimension                                                               270mm × 246mm × 175mm


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