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  • What is Magnetic method?

    2017-06-04 17:28:02

    In a magnetic survey variations in the Earths magnetic field are measured. The method has the advantage of being one of the easiest and cheapest geophysical techniques to carry out, since large areas can be covered quickly at a low cost and...[more]

  • What is dipole-dipole array?

    2017-05-05 11:40:11

    Layout the electrode as figure below and get the first point. The point lacates on the midperpendicular of BM. Then keep the location of AB, move MN rightwards by one electrode spacing and get the next point. Do it again and again, you can...[more]

  • What is the application of cross-hole dipole array?

    2017-05-05 11:38:56

    Layout the electrode as figure below: The left red line is AM, the right red line is BN. Its like two same array (AM and BM), and will get too section. Firstly, Keep the location of AB, move rightward point by point, and get a rolling line....[more]

  • How to test the multi-electrode Res cable of WGMD-4 system by Multimeter?

    2017-02-17 16:19:20

    The items need to do the test: cable multi-meter small iron wire ( because the pin in the multi-meter is too larger for the hole in connector of cable) 1) Input the iron wire in the hole of connector on cable 2) Then, one pin of the multi m...[more]

  • The connection of WTEM-2Q shallow TEM system

    2017-02-17 16:11:31


  • What is TEM method?

    2017-01-07 20:52:48

    Transient Electromagnetic orTime-Domain EM (TEM) Overview The transient electromagnetic (TEM) method, alternately called time-domain EM (TDEM) or pulse EM (PEM), is a commonly-used, non-intrusive, geophysical method for obtaining subsurface...[more]

  • What is difference of geophone?

    2016-12-27 09:12:03

    The core of geophone/string: PS-10B : apply for city exploration PS-10X : apply for city exploration PS-10ES: apply for oil, gas, coal exploration; could receive tilt wave PS-10XS: apply for oil, gas, coal exploration; good at longitudinal...[more]

  • How is the prompt of "Measured value is inaccurate" on WCZ-2 proton magnetometer

    2016-12-25 23:24:48

    1) Estimated magnetic field and the actual magnetic field are quite different. 2) Sensor is not well connected. Please check whether the sensor cable is short-circuited or broken. 3) Sensor is open-circuited. Check the impedance of the sens...[more]

  • What are the 3 working modes of proton magnetometer?

    2016-12-25 23:18:08

    The proton magnetometer, also known as the proton precession magnetometer (PPM), uses the principle of Earths field nuclear magnetic resonance (EFNMR) to measure very small variations in the Earths magnetic field, allowing ferrous objects o...[more]

  • Could I change mode of WZG-12A during measurement?

    2016-12-24 23:41:24

    I f survey mode is changed, relevant survey parameters and some Sample Parameters will be changed. Therefore, the survey mode cannot be altered during measurement; otherwise, parameters of lines will be in disorder....[more]