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  • The difference of WTEM-2Q and WTEM-2

    2017-08-16 19:17:22

    WTEM-2Q Shallow Exploration System is applicable to shallow transient electromagnetic exploration, integrated with WTEM-2J TEM system receiver and WTEM-1X low-power transmitter. It features high transmitting power, short turn-off time, high...[more]

  • What is Gravity method?

    2017-08-16 19:15:28

    Gravity techniques measure minute variations in the earths gravity field. Based on these variations, subsurface density and thereby composition can be inferred. These variations can be determined by measuring the earths gravity field at num...[more]

  • What is Seismic survey?

    2017-08-16 19:14:05

    Seismic refraction and reflection methods measure the transmission of sound waves through the subsurface generated using a hammer blow or explosive energy source. Individual subsurface layer depths and thickness can be calculated based on t...[more]

  • What is Electrical Resistivity?

    2017-08-16 19:10:55

    The electrical resistivity method allows the determination of the spatial distribution of the resistive characteristics of the subsurface. This property is affected by lithology, pore fluid chemistry, and water content. The method can be ap...[more]

  • What is Electromagnetic method?

    2017-08-16 19:09:24

    Electromagnetic methods are sensitive to variations in electrical properties of subsurface materials and can map out regions with enhanced conductivity because of the presence of fluids, metals, or other variations. Electromagnetic inductio...[more]

  • What is the function of fold switcher during seismic survey?

    2017-08-16 18:35:04

    Fold Switcher is helpful for extend channels of siesmic survey for WZG-24A/24B/48A engineering sesimography. The connection as following:...[more]

  • How to choose geophone in seismic exploration?

    2017-08-16 18:22:14

    1. What is the difference between horizontal wave geophone and vertical wave geophone? Horizontal wave geophone is sensitive to horizontal wave while the vertical wave geophone is sensitive to vertical wave. The horizontal wave geophone s...[more]

  • Technicial specification comparasion of different geo-electrical system

    2017-08-16 18:05:00

    Supersting R8/IP (AGI) Syscal Pro (IRIS) Resecs II (DMT) ABEM E60DN WGMD-9 Cable system Centralized Distributed Distributed Distributed Distributed Distributed Measured parameters Apparent resistivity Polarization Self-potential Apparent re...[more]

  • What is the difference between WDDS-2, WDDS-3, WDJD-4, WERT-60/120,WGMD-60, WGMD-9/9B?

    2017-08-16 15:51:16

    BTSK is a specialized in geophysical exploration instrument for tens of years, with a great reputation in domestic market; recent years, it also cut a striking figure in the global market, especially the geo-electrical systems. Model/ Inclu...[more]

  • What is the difference between WCZ-1, WCZ-1B, WCZ-3 proton magnetometer?

    2017-08-16 15:48:30

    The proton precession units serve an important function for earth science professionals seeking inexpensive solutions for low-sensitivity fieldwork or academic. Major applications include: Locating buried ferrous containers (ex. contaminant...[more]