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  • Land 3 Component String/Geophone

    2016-12-21 10:36:38

    The land 3 component string is one of the newest models developed by our independently to proviced the industry with a practical solution to the field problem of 2-C and 3-C arrays using 2 and 3 component geophones. This model is provided w...[more]

  • What the different features of seismic instruments?

    2016-12-21 10:36:10

    WZG-6A, WZG-12A, WZG-24B is based on WZG-24 engineering seismograph. The instruments need to work with industrial computer or notebook. The external computer could collect data though USB interface; while internal rechargeable battery ensur...[more]

  • WinSeis Lite interpretation software for seismic data

    2016-12-21 10:26:32

    For all our seismograph with different channels, we will supply a data acquisition software, which is only used to do some simple procession, but it abviously is not enough. For 24 channels, 48 channels seismographs, there is a WinSeis Lite...[more]

  • Notes of WTEM-2T transmitter synchronized controller

    2016-12-21 10:25:33

    l When complete with this GPS synchronized controller, receiver should choose GPS synchronization and transmitter chooses External synchronization. l To adjust transmitting frequency, first rotate the power switch (on the GPS synchronized co...[more]

  • Notes of WTEM-2J TEM exploration system receiver

    2016-12-21 10:23:37

    l Effective distance for Bluetooth wireless communication is within 10 meters; if out the range, communication would fail and it needs to pair Bluetooth once again. l Lay the transmitting coil and receiving coil according requirements; rest...[more]

  • Sample interval and Window Nos. of WTEM-2

    2016-12-21 10:20:33

    Relationship between frequency, sample interval and Window Nos. is as listed in the following table Frequency Sample interval Window Nos. Starting time End time 32 Hz (shallow) 1 us 31 4 2243 us 32 Hz (deep) 16 us 22 0 7072 us 16 Hz 16 us 25...[more]

  • Array List of electrical method

    2016-12-21 10:04:17

    No. Short Name Full Name Chinese 1D Arrays 1 4P-VES Four-pole Vertical Electrical Sounding 四极垂向电测深 2 3P-VES Combined Electrical Sounding 联合电测深/三极垂直电测深 3 4P-PRFL Four-pole Roll-Along Electrical Profiling...[more]

  • How to judge IP data during induced polarization survey?

    2016-12-21 10:02:38

    I.P. surveys have traditionally been used in the mineral exploration industry, particularly for metal sulfides, where heavy electrical generators producing high currents of the order of 10 Amperes are used. The apparent I.P. values from suc...[more]

  • Summary of different array types of electrical method

    2016-12-21 09:28:30

    Summary of different array types The Wenner array is an attractive choice for a survey carried out in a noisy area (due to its high signal strength) and also if good vertical resolution is required. The dipole-dipole array might be a more s...[more]

  • Factors affecting the resistivity

    2016-12-21 09:25:18

    Factors affecting the resistivity  Porosity pore connectivity  Moisture or water content (electrical method find water based)  Pore water electrolyte (research of seawater intrusion)  Temperature (research geothermal)  Mineral...[more]