WERT-10X/V 5/10 channels electrical 2D/3D ERT System

WERT-10X/V Multi-channel 2D/3D electrical resistivity/IP tomogrpahy system is developed basing on years'experience of studying and manufacturing advanced electrical resistivity instruments. It support up to 16 kinds of electrode arrays as wenner array, sclumberger array, dipole-dipole array, cross-hole dipole array and so on, which is widly applys for different geophysical exploration as underground water insepection, metal source detction, landslide investigation and so on.

WERT-10 5/10 channels system can conduct: 

•   Self-potential survey
•   General 1D resistivity/IP sounding(VES) 
•   Multi-electrode 2D resistivity imaging
•   Multi-electrode 2D induced polarization (IP) imaging
•   Multi-electrode 3D resistivity imaging

Typical 1-D resistivity sounding surveys usually involve about 10 to 20 readings, while 2-D imaging surveys involve about 100 to 1000 measurements. In comparison, a 3-D survey might involve several thousand measurements.


•   Energy resource        
•   City geophysical exploration
•   Railway and bridge prospecting
•   Metal and non-metal mineral resources prospecting
•   City geophysical exploration
•  Hydrology and engineering geology to inspect base of dam and flood protection levee for incipient faults
•   Geothermal survey
•   Landslides and other geological disaster exploration





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•  2D Resistivity Imaging   •  3D Resistivity Imaging

•  2D Resistivity/Induced Polarization(IP) Imaging  



•   Wenner Alpha •   Wenner Beta •   Wenner Gamma
•   Dipole-dipole •   Schlumberger •   3P-direct
•   3P-reverse •   2P AM •   3P A-MN
•   3P AB-M •   MN-B •   SP-M
•   SP-MN •   Combined profiling •   Corss-hole dipole
•   Charging M •   Charging MN •   User-defined

Main features:

•   Multi-channel and high working efficency- up to 5/10 independent channels improved the working efficiency especially for 3D imaging survey or corss-hole electrical CT survey.
•   Portability and flexibility: the transmitting unit and the receiving unit are designed in one device, small and lightweight. It can conduct multi-electrode imaging in wide variety of environments.
•   Unique and advanced measuring control. All array supports rolling-along survey with a unlimit section by moving the electrodes. It is easy to retest any single point or any section.
•   WGMD-10 is designed with two cable sockets which enable cross-hole electrode array configuration works without switching control unit, and thus makes the measuring process much simpler and easier.
•   Multiple functions: voltage and current range and small signal accuracy are allowed to increase dramatically, which makes it suitable to work with rock sampling tester, high-power IP receiver, general electrical method instrument, IP instrument, water finder, 2D and 3D multi-electrode electrical method instrument, etc.
•   Measuring various parameters, wide application: it is able to acquire data of voltage (VP), current (IP), apparent resistivity (R0), Self-Potential (SP), apparent polarizability (M~M7), metal factor (G1~G7), half decay time (TH), deviation (r), induce polarization ratio (J), etc.
ID sounding data & curve          2D resistivity imaging interface        2D data curve     3D imaging survey interface
•  High power supply, wide current range, high accuracy: maximum power reaches 9000W (1500V×6A), voltage input is 250Vp-p, small signal measurement precision is high (voltage is less than 0.1mV and current is less than 0.1mA with ±1% measurement precision), both of which make WGMD-10 is an ideal device for regions of high resistivity and to achieve better measured results.
•   On its panel there is an “B(∞)” port for pole-pole and dipole-pole electrode array. As to dipole-pole array configuration, ResA, ResB, and Res can be measured automatically with high efficiency and fewer errors.
•   18 kinds of electrode arrays of multi-electrode system: In addition to the 10 electrode arrays of general electrical resistivity survey system, there are 18 electrode arrays for multi-electrode imaging, namely, Wenner Alpha array (WENNER α), Wenner Beta array (WENNER β), Wenner Gamma array (WENNER γ), Three-pole direct array (δA ARRAY), Three-pole reverse array (δB ARRAY), Wenner Alpha 2 array (SCHLMBG), Self-Potential M array (SP-M), Self-Potential MN array (SP-MN), Charging M (CHG-M), Charging MN (CHG-MN), Two-pole Roll along array (2P AM), Three-pole Roll along array (3P A-MN and 3P AB-M), Dipole-dipole Roll along array (DIPOLE), MN-B, Cross-Hole Dipole/Equatorial Dipole-dipole array (CR-DIPOLE), gradient array.
•   Extendable system: data sampling and storing are controlled by pocket PC. Data management is easy. Software is flexible to be upgraded and extended (extending data storage capacity and collection software functions, also extend to special multi-electrode electrical instrument).
•   Excellent anti-interface performance: integrated with multistage filtration and signal enhancement technologies and suppresser against common mode interference and differential mode interference. Measurement precision is high.
•   Automatically achieving SP, drift and electrode compensation (maximum compensation reaches ±10V).
•  Receiving unit supports transient over-voltage protection for input voltage; transmitting unit supports over-voltage protection, over-current protection and AB open-circuit protection as well as DC high voltage reverse connection protection.
•   Earth resistance check: earth resistance of AB Current electrodes and MN Potential electrode can be inspected at any time.
•   Diagnosis program can find the fault or failure quickly and accurately.
•   Sealed constitution features waterproof and dust-proof design, long lifetime.
•   Flexible option of control: control unit may also be notebook PC to remotely manipulate measurement.

Technical Specifications:

Mainframe   (Standard)
Channels 5 (WERT-10V), 10(WERT-10X)
Maximum transmitting power 9000W
Maximum supply voltage 1500V
Maximum supply current 6A
Transmitting power pulse width 1~60s, duty cycle is 1:1.
Voltage ±125V (32 bit A/D),  ±0.1% ±1LSB. 
Input impedance >120MΩ
Apparent polarizability accuracy ±0.2%±1LSB
SP compensation range ±10V
Current 6A (24bit A/D). ±0.1% ±1LSB.
Suppression for 50Hz industrial frequency interference (common mode and differential mode interference), suppression is more than 140dB.
Power supply internal rechargeable battery continuously lasts for 20 hours (or 12V external power supply).
Ports support (transmitting unit) A, B, M and N connecting ports, DC high voltage input ports and external battery terminals, 2 cable ports, RS-232, Bluetooth.
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃, 95%RH
Storage temperature -20℃~+60℃
Weight ≤ 8.4kg (WERT-10V)
≤ 8.7kg (WERT-10X)
Dimension 406mm * 330mm * 174mm 
Tablet PC Windows 10 64 system, 4GB RAM, 64GB capacity, Bluetooth, USB

Multi-channel Intelligent Cable
Cable polyurethane coated, outer diameter Φ7.4mm
Quantity up to order
Connector (take-out) number 10/sting (ten electrode per string)
Connector (take-out) spacing 1~ 10m (or up to order)
Switch box Φ60mm * 236mm, 1.25kg
Maximum voltage 1000V
Maximum current 4A
Cable insulation more than 1000MΩ/2500V between any two cores
Cable communication bidirectional
Working temperature -20°C~+70°C
Waterproof IP68

Stainless Steel Electrode for 2D/3D Resistivity Imaging   (Optional)
Stainless steel electrode Φ10mm x 280mm, with stainless spring
Quantity                                                    up to order


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