WCZ-3 GPS Proton Precession Magnetometer

WCZ-3 is a the latest developed 3rd generation proton-precession magnetometer with the 32 bit SCM technology. It features with multi-functions, fast measuring speed, high gradient range and much light. It integrated with GPS positioning module and GPS adapter. Magnetic measurement precision is ±1nT and resolution reaches 0.1nT.


•   Mineral survey, such as iron ore, lead-zinc ore, cupper ore
•   Mineral prospecting, mineral ore depth, orientation, and continuity, ore shape, size and scale
•   Oil, natural gas survey, related geological structure.
•   General survey and local survey, geological mapping
•   Base station for aerial and marine magnetic survey
•   Fault detection.
•   Archaeology.
•   Hydrogeology.
•   Engineering survey, such as pipe finding. 
•   Monitoring earthquake auspice, volcano and other environmental disasters.
•   Locating buried ferrous containers (ex. contaminant waste drums) in environmental surveys.
•   UXO detection
•   Locating and tracing buried pipelines in utility-type surveys.
•  Teaching of geophysical methods.



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•   Built-in GPS antenna, GPS module and lithium battery module, portable and easy operation
•   It takes only 2s to from start the measurement to display the reading.
•   Total magnetic field and gradient survey (horizontal and vertical gradient, special sensor is needed)
•   Fitted for field working as well as for base station
•   The improved design allows the instrument to obtain the measured data in a higher gradient environment, even if the gradient exceeds 8000nT/m (in which the instrument will not perfomance normally); the operator can still use the "estimate" function to obtain the Magnetic field estimation value.
•   It supports both traditional single-track dual-probe time-lapse gradient measurement and dual-channel dual-probe simultaneous high-speed gradient measurement. But with different optional accessories.
•   Complete GPS function, which support  to  import the points coordinates of the survey line from text file as well as set the coordinate in advance, then auto calculated by instrument. It supports different formats as  latitude and longitude, UTM, Beijing 54 and Xi'an 80 and so on up to 80 times; real-time display the location information and the setting deviation.
•   GPS timing function automatically to correct the built-in  real-time clock for the sychronization during mesurement.
•   Large screen display, English interface, can automatically show magnetic curves, easy in operation.
•   Backlight LCD, fitted for night survey.
•   Keyboard is of user-friendly design and supports both hands operation.
•   Auto and manual turning support.
•   With USB port.

Internal GPS:

Integrated GPS is a huge development.  This gives highly accurate time for base station corrections.

supporting tripod of base station mode vertical graident supporting pole sensor

Technical Specifications:

Measuring range 20,000 nT ~ 100,000nT
Accuracy ±0.5nT
Resolution 0.05nT
Gradient permitted ≤8,000nT/m
Measuring speed ≤ 2 s / reading
GPS Positioning accuracy <2.5m CEP(CEP, the circular error probability, means taking the position of antenna as the center, 2.5m as its radius to draw a circle, then 50% of the results are inside the circle while 50% of the results outside it).
Storage 2 million readings
LCD display 240 * 128
Keyboard input 22 keys
Port USB port
Power source Internal Rechargeable battery for no less than 4000 times measurement
Console dimension 206mm * 85mm * 155mm
Weight 1.5Kg (including battery)
Sensor size  φ75mm * 155mm
Sensor weight 0.8 Kg
Working temperature                -10 ℃~+50 ℃


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